Ways to Optimize your Azure Cloud Platform

Cloud computing has modernized storage and resource solutions. Businesses migrated to cloud platforms from traditional methods after realizing its importance during the global health crisis. At the same time, Cloud platform provides your business with a multitude of resources for data and application; its optimization is essential to reduce the workload and mitigate the cost. Cloud computing could be a daunting task in the absence of the right methods, tools, and strategy. The process could be challenging to handle, time-consuming, and less productive. A proactive approach is hard to ensure with rising technological challenges.

Cloud could be public and private. One of the most popular public cloud services that help with business operations is Microsoft Azure. Azure allows running processes and workload optimally and cutting down on your expenses. With the help of technology and programming efforts, Azure provides an environment to develop applications. Not only does it create but also deploy applications with the help of the net platform. Net application is an app development technology introduced by Microsoft itself. Microsoft uses its data centres to conceive, create, test, deploy, and manage apps and electronic services.

Azure Platform optimization is necessary for:

  • Efficient workflow and processes
  • Save unnecessary expenses and cost for the open and flexible computing environment

Some of the Azure cloud platform solutions include the following infrastructures, which are integral to the optimal working of the data centres,

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Following are some of the ways one can optimize the Azure Platform for improved and rapid working

Cut out on Extra Resources:

It is vital to understand how virtual machines facilitate us in cloud computing operations. If anyone of such a resource is not serving a purpose or remains unused, it must be shut down. The process is first to analyse the machines at the job and which is sitting idle. It is only adding up to the cost of the system. Be it the virtual machine or the Express Route circuits; you need to shut down those resources associated with Azure Advisor if they are idle. You could take help from the experts or the consultants to recommend the right resource to be saved and shut down.

Underutilization Cost:

Amongst unused and idle resources, there may be some which are underutilized. They could be used to their full potential to reach an optimum point for the Azure platform. Find those with the help of Azure advisor. Get an expert opinion on how to amplify its use and reduce your expenses. You could either reconfigure or consolidate those to achieve maximum benefit from those underutilized resources. Put it to its proper use at its maximum or optimum capacity.

The Hybrid Cloud Platform Benefit:

Using the Azure public cloud platform automatically cuts down on the cost since it is the cheapest cloud computing solution for Windows and SQL server. Other competitors, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS), are five times more costly than Azure. Cloud platform migration must be towards Azure if you seek cost-cutting and optimum performance. You tend to save a lot while moving your on-premise workflow to Azure.

Performance and Situational Analysis:

When configuring and autoscaling, you save big through your need-based analysis. You can allocate and deallocate resources depending upon your business environment and needs. A strategic, qualitative, and quantitative analysis of the situation and the performance requirements define which resource has to be configured for allocation and deallocation. The situational analysis helps set up a budget according to which a cloud’s spending is monitored and maintained. Businesses can then allocate costs to various teams. The project cost would be allocated and managed accordingly.

There are multiple ways to maintain the flux of Azure cloud services. Efficient application and usage of those strategies could help with optimizing the Azure Platform. Cost management systems go a long way and prove to be decisive in industry and business future.

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