Upgrade Your Agile PLM Hassle-Free

Oracle Agile PLM is an incredibly practical software that offers value to all types of manufacturers through enabling an innovative pipeline of profitable and sustainable ideas. Agile PLM allows manufacturers to streamline development and consistently innovate. It has become a staple for manufacturers who commit to improving and upgrading their products. The software builds value for manufacturer of all industries be it healthcare, robotics, automotive or consumer electronics.

For a software that affects business success significantly, it is important to maintain it through regular updates and health checks.

Upgrading Agile PLM is not about adding more functionality. Rather, it is necessary for ensuring regular support from Oracle, resolving frequently occurring bugs and enabling Agile PLM to thrive in the constantly evolving digital environment.

Xavor studies developments in Agile PLM closely and has garnered expertise in providing top of the line support services. Arguably, the most crucial service out of these is performing an upgrade for Agile PLM in a time-efficient manner, with upgrades for all integrations and add-ons, and a surety of avoiding performance degradation.

Here we have complied a brief list of challenges that cause concern to those wanting to upgrade their Agile PLM. However, we have answers to each of these as well to put your worries at ease!

Complete Your Upgrade in Time:

The first apprehension most businesses have is the long time it takes for an upgrade, especially while upgrading from relatively older versions. Significant processes depend on a working PLM; therefore, organizations cannot afford to hold on waiting for long.

Xavor has perfected the upgrade timeline between two to six months over its 25-year experience in digitizing organizations.

This timeline depends on the version you are currently on as well as the additional upgrades you require. However, each phase is defined clearly and the upgrade is performed smoothly as stated. You can upgrade your current Agile PLM system and start working without a hitch in just two months, if you employ Xavor’s services.

Across the Board Upgrades – Add-Ons & Integrations:

An upgrade should feel like a fresh start, complete with all the trinkets and bells.  Xavor’s own specialization in add-ons and integrations enables us to provide upgrades for all PLM related products. This results in seamless workflows due to better compatibility and resolution of all pre-existing bugs.

In addition, the integrations are also optimized to work efficiently with the upgraded PLM software. If you opt for Xavor’s proprietary xEngine for integration, even the implementation fee is waived off during the upgrade!

Xavor consolidates all Agile PLM functions and provides the best service for your business, all within the pre-stated period of two to six months.

Maintain the Performance Level:

An upgrade that limits your performance is of no use to any business. That is why Xavor provides automatic load testing and benchmarking services during any upgrade.

Through the benchmarking process, companies are able to accurately evaluate their performance with Agile PLM compared to industry standards. Whereas load testing ensures that no performance downgrading occurs as a result of the upgrade and; there are no setbacks to the productivity of the business and Agile PLM itself.

Xavor ensures that you don’t fall behind, and provides a platform for you to reach even newer height of success with the proper tools and peak performance of all functionalities.

Prepare for the Changes – Delta Training:

Employees are not accustomed to the changes an upgrade causes in the infrastructural environment. Xavor organizes delta training to equip Agile PLM users for the changes in configurations and educate them on new features and add-ons in Agile PLM.

Delta trainings are important to transition smoothly from your previous version of Agile PLM to the latest version. Users get a chance to familiarize themselves with the upgrade and operate as usual once the upgrade is complete.

Lack of training inherently causes issues in troubleshooting small issues and prolongs the upgrade timeline. Therefore, Xavor incorporates these trainings into the upgrade process to ensure the saving of your valuable time and resources.


Currently, the latest version of Oracle Agile PLM is v 9.3.6 which is accompanied by Oracle support. Businesses are making the key decision to upgrade to version 9.3.6 to leverage new features and continue Oracle support.

Keeping your needs in mind, Xavor has developed time and cost-efficient upgrade packages which start by just a simple call. Reach out to us if you are looking for a time targeted upgrade service. Let Xavor address all your requirements as you perform the crucial upgrade to your Agile PLM software.

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