Custom Multi-Factor Authentication for Agile PLM

  1. Application Overview

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) makes your Oracle Agile PLM access more secure. Agile doesn’t provide MFA OOTB (out of the box). Xavor’s Agile MFA provides additional security checks for existing logins. Users can log in by providing a One-Time Password (OTP) that is sent to their registered email in Agile. Integration with third-party MFA providers allows seamless implementation of the MFA with Agile. 

  1. Standalone MFA

MFA is embedded in the current Agile login page. Once users try to log in, they are asked to provide an OTP, which is then shared with their email addresses registered in Agile. No user can log in without the OTP.  

A customized text provides users with instructions on where to find the code. You can also add additional information like helpdesk and expiration limit to the text. In case of an incorrect code or expired code, a customized message is shown to the users. 


Standalone MFA


How Does MFA Work

Standalone implementation of Agile MFA works seamlessly with the existing Agile login flow. Once a user lands on the login page of the right PLM solutions and enters their credentials, they are not logged in directly.  

Instead, the user is asked to enter the OTP sent to their email address. After entering the OTP, verification is performed, and the user is allowed to log into Agile. If the user is added to an exception list, the OTP prompt is not provided, and the user can directly log into Agile. 

How PLM works


Platform Requirements 

Standalone MFA implementation in Agile requires the following items only: 

  • Database connection 
  • SMTP host 
  • Tomcat server 
  1. Integration with DUO

DUO is one of the MFA providers. With DUO, users can receive push notifications on their phones or use access codes sent to their phones. Xavor’s MFA integrates DUO’s MFA with Agile. Once users enter their credentials, they are prompted with a DUO authentication form. On the form, they can select their desired method of authentication, which could be a push notification or an access code sent to their phones. Once verified, the user is allowed to log into Agile. 


Integration with DUO


  1. Top Features of MFA

Xavor’s MFA for Agile provides the following set of features: 

  • Supported for Agile9.3.4+. 
  • Filters and Exceptions list for MFA. 
  • User group-based filtering. 
  • Email domain-based filtering. 


In conclusion, Xavor’s Agile Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) significantly enhances the security of Oracle Agile PLM by integrating a robust OTP-based verification system. This added layer of security ensures that only authorized users can access the system by sending a One-Time Password to their registered email addresses. The integration with third-party MFA providers like DUO further extends flexibility and security by allowing push notifications or access codes to be sent to users’ phones. This seamless implementation works with the existing Agile login flow, providing a secure and user-friendly experience.

If you need any assistance regarding your PLM solution, feel free to contact us at [email protected] for further information. 

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