How Cloud Managed Services Experts Can Help You Optimize AWS Cloud

AWS is the leading cloud service provider in 2023. Companies are increasingly turning to AWS services to leverage the benefits of the cloud. To achieve this, they often require AWS-managed cloud services experts. There are four major and significant steps in the journey of an AWS user. They are as follows:   

  • Cloud Architecture   
  • Cloud Apps & Infrastructure Migration   
  • Managing AWS   
  • Cloud Optimization   

These steps in the AWS cloud journey are known as AMMO (architect, migrate, manage, optimize). In this blog, we will discuss how one can avail services from AWS – managed cloud services experts to add value to their business by increasing the performance and scalability in all the steps of AMMO. 

Here are some of the benefits an AWS-certified cloud expert can add for you:   

Architecture Design Services  

In this phase, you need assistance from an AWS solution architect regarding how to design and implement a cloud infrastructure/application strategy. A certified AWS expert is of immense benefit at this stage, helping ensure that you choose the right technologies, analyze the IT procedures you currently employ, and free your resources so that they can focus on strategic business objectives.   

Moreover, an AWS expert ensures that your application design and implementation plans are correctly understood and consistently implemented. 

These are some of the procedures needed for laying the practicalities of an optimum AWS environment during architecting:   

  • Pre-migration Assessment   
  • Technology Stack roadmap   
  • Technology POCs (Proof of Concept)   
  • Best cloud practices using AWS Well-Architected Framework   

Migration Services   

This stage of the AMMO lifecycle involves moving all your applications and data to AWS Cloud Managed Services. And while this is no easy task, an experienced AWS expert can make your migration smooth by avoiding common problems. They can also conduct a migration that results in an AWS environment that’s agile, scalable, secure, and high-performing—while cutting your computing costs significantly.  

These are some of the processes that an AWS Connect expert takes for optimization during the migration phase:   

  • Guided cloud transformation   
  • AWS migration   
  • CI/CD implementation   
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)   
  • Configuration management   

Managing Services   

Once your AWS environment is up and running, it’s time to focus on the cloud management side of your AMMO journey. Rather than devoting time and resources to managing the environment yourself, consider allowing an AWS expert to handle all your cloud management tasks for you. Doing so expands your access to some of the most valuable AWS benefits available—the ability to focus on perfecting your core business model instead of being distracted by routine cloud computing management tasks.   

Here are some of the services an AWS Premier Consulting Partner can offer to reduce maintenance and operational overheads, allowing you to focus on core business competencies:   

  • AWS account management   
  • 24/7 monitoring and support   
  • Advanced AI/ML security solutions and services   
  • Continuous DevOps consultation   

Cloud Optimization Services  

When you have a well-architecture managed AWS environment, your AWS-certified expert will devote themselves to perpetually finding new ways to optimize your cloud infrastructure. Cloud benefits innovations are frequent, and you can avoid missing new cost-saving opportunities by selecting an AWS-certified expert team who stays up to date. 

An AWS-certified expert can help you optimize your AWS Cloud Managed Services and costs using:   

  • Continuous review   
  • Cost attribution and optimization   
  • Discounted AWS pricing   
  • AWS Well-Architected Reviews   
  • Application performance analysis  

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