AI-Powered Cancer Diagnosis and Imaging

An early and accurate AI powered cancer diagnosis can significantly improve the longevity and quality of life of cancer patients. However, inefficient manual detection tools have been the biggest challenge for radiologists to achieve this goal.

Manual segmentation of cancer cells is costly, unpractical and time-consuming.

Artificial intelligence services are empowering healthcare providers to advance cancer diagnostics and improve patient outcomes around the world.

Using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, radiologists efficiently identify tumor cells through image segmentation.

These advanced algorithms diagnose patients through CT scans within seconds. They help the healthcare practitioners to stay on top of patient’s health decline and progress.

AI imaging also enables an improved patient experience through a fast diagnosis process. Timely diagnosis empowers healthcare practitioners to determine the extent of the cancer spread and the right path for its cure.

AI services for healthcare can improve both the physician experience and patient health in the following ways:

Increasing Accuracy:

Diagnosing cancer accurately can get tricky especially in some areas of the body. Biopsies are not reliable since the physicians might miss cancer by taking a sample only from a specific location.

Magnetic Resource Imaging is another technique to diagnose cancer. However, it requires a lot of training, and different radiologists might not agree on what they see in the scans.

AI services could be the answer; AI imaging relies on high-performance algorithms for the accurate and rapid detection of cancer. These algorithms are based on deep networks with thousands of CT scans.

They enable the radiologists to skip the complex procedures and instantly access results and findings automatically. The results are up to 95% accurate, a rate that was not previously achievable with either biopsies or MRIs.

Reducing Costs and Time:

The traditional systems of cancer diagnosis, including biopsies and MRIs, are quite complicated and costly. MRI detects the change in the direction of the rotational axis of protons found in the water that makes up living tissues.

Radiologists have to increase the speed at which these protons align with the magnetic field to obtain a clear image. This can be quite difficult and time-consuming.

Artificial Intelligence services help radiologists in saving time and costs relating to AI cancer diagnosis. The deep learning algorithms based on AI and ML solutions deliver a high-resolution MRI with a low response time.

Also, by integrating the data with the Cloud, radiologists can access the results anytime, anywhere.

Improving Survival Rate:

Diagnosing cancer at an early stage can lead to higher survival rates. Traditional MRI isn’t useful in assessing the risk of developing certain kinds of cancers. It just produces a CT scan of the patient which isn’t analyzed further to determine future risks.

AI Imaging enables radiologists to amplify the capabilities of the traditional MRI.

AI collects and processes the imaging data of millions of patients.

Based on these insights and deep learning algorithms, it then makes predictions about a particular patient’s risk of developing AI powered cancer diagnosis. This timely risk assessment helps in improving the longevity of life.

Enabling Fast Triage of Normal Cases:

Human interpretation of CT scans can be quite slow and laborious. The radiologists might not agree on one interpretation, making a particular case more difficult than anticipated.

AI Imaging empowers radiologists to significantly cut down the need for human interpretation in most normal cases. This reduced need contributes towards faster and more accurate results. It also frees up radiologists’ time to focus on abnormal cases.


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