5 Benefits Of Agile PLM For Healthcare Manufacturers

Healthcare manufacturers face unique challenges throughout the production process. Since people’s lives and wellbeing are at stake, life sciences and health tech organizations are subject to heaps of regulations. The compliance procedure can be hard to manage, as regulations dictate the input materials, the processes of production, and employee certifications. An effective and streamlined option to manage them exists within Agile PLM for healthcare. Along with the ease of management, PLM offers the benefit of incorporating innovation into health tech and life sciences products and services, keeping them up to date with the latest trends and consumer needs.

This blog will discuss 5 benefits that healthcare manufacturers get by using Agile PLM.

Continuous Innovation:

The standard of healthcare is steadily rising across the globe while manufacturers aim to make good health attainable and affordable. This is not an easy feat, and health tech manufacturers need to keep up with consumer demands while cutting costs.

Agile PLM can help attain the innovation that drives cost effective and practical products and services. Manufacturers are able to track market performance, obtain accurate data of existing products, and gather latest research in order to sustain their products. They are empowered to make regular additions to their product design, test, and launch products all on a single platform through Agile PLM for healthcare.

Regulatory Compliance:

Strict regulations under FDA, EMEA, SFDA and others make production a very sensitive process for health tech organizations. Authorities upgrade these regulations frequently, making it hard to keep track of.

Within the Agile PLM infrastructure, it is possible to automate compliance checks so only approved materials, processes and employees work on the ongoing projects. Further, PLM integrations with specially designed UDI software (for employee training) and compliance tracking can be implemented easily with Agile PLM thus addressing this major challenge in the life sciences industry.

Project Visibility:

The rush to beat time to market is both a priority and an added pressure in this competitive environment. This requires employees to execute and manage multiple production processes at the same time, which project managers often find impossible.

Agile PLM provides intuitive, user-friendly dashboards to keep track of collective and individual processes. It enables project managers to oversee all ongoing processes and obtain unique insights through clearly presented stats and performance charts.

Real-Time Collaboration:

Another challenge that comes from running several production processes at the same time is lack of coordination and, thus, a high rate of errors. Human errors are common, and require a lot of time and resources to correct. Increasing accuracy of work is actually one of the top priorities in the life sciences industry.

Agile PLM performance contributes to this goal by allowing teams to collaborate in real-time. This means teams can share information readily, thereby eliminating need for multiple data entry and most importantly, significantly reducing errors. Through the PLM software teams are able to communicate freely and cross check necessary data before passing it on.

High Product Quality:

One thing no manufacturer can compromise on is quality. Health tech manufacturers also follow this, and must ensure that the customer’s product experience is better than their competition. Moreover, any lapses in quality lead to long lasting repercussions on the manufacturer’s reputation as well as sales.

Agile PLM for healthcare provides Oracle Quality Management that addresses quality issues and their corrective measures without disclosing anything to the general public. The quality management software updates all relevant teams regarding the quality issues and ensures that the issue is resolved comprehensively, thus helping maintain consistent quality standards.


Agile PLM’s contribution as a managerial tool and innovation engine is impossible to undervalue. It is the perfect fit for healthcare manufacturers, if they deploy it properly to suit their organizational needs. Agile PLM can help life sciences organizations meet regulatory compliance, sustain quality, and innovate in a manageable and cost-effective manner.

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