10 Things To Consider While Choosing A SharePoint Migration Service Provider

Are you looking to enhance cross-team collaboration and enable excellent document management at your firm? If yes, you should consider switching to Microsoft SharePoint. Although Microsoft initially developed it as a document management platform, SharePoint has now evolved into a very diverse solution. It now offers a range of automation and capabilities to its users.  

However, you require a top-notch SharePoint migration service provider to move your data to SharePoint as a new user. 

Migrating to Microsoft SharePoint or any of its versions is a risky process. If users don’t perform it correctly, they can encounter prolonged downtime or security breaches. These, in turn, can heavily compromise productivity and drive down the ROI. 

Therefore, organizations need to carefully plan out migrations and choose the right migration service provider. Doing so ensures a smooth, inclusive, and hassle-free process. 

In this blog, we will discuss the top features that you should look for in a migration service provider. It will enable you to carry out the process seamlessly and timely. And a successful migration will help you unlock the maximum value out of Microsoft SharePoint.  

Here are the 10 things that your migration service provider should offer you: 

1. Detailed Migration Roadmap Development 

The first step in successful SharePoint online migration is developing a plan. Jumping right into the process can cause many unforeseen hurdles and issues to emerge. You also need to decide on the timeline and prioritize operations beforehand. 

Doing so will enable you to avoid any technical hiccups and continue your important operations. 

Therefore, the first thing you should expect from a SharePoint migration service is carving a migration roadmap. The provider should carefully take into account your business requirements and budget. 

It should also suggest the right features and capabilities that will enable you to enhance your organizational performance. After that, it should arrange a team of experts for a smooth migration experience. 

2. Transparent Migration Experience 

SharePoint migration is a risky process. Therefore, organizations should stay on top of things all the time. However, if you rely completely on the migration provider, plenty of things can go wrong. This is because only you are familiar with the most pressing issues and objectives for your organization. 

And you will have to remain in contact with the team throughout the process to ensure that none of your concerns remain unaddressed. 

So, while choosing a SharePoint migration service provider, always look for one that offers an inclusive migration experience. This means your MS SharePoint teams should collaborate with the migration team throughout the migration journey. 

A provider that offers timely updates and suggests the next steps is the right one for your organization. In this way, you can ensure that the whole process gets completed on time and doesn’t impact the performance. 

3. End-to-End Security 

Security can be a big concern when choosing to migrate to MS SharePoint benefits. If migration is not secure, it can result in data leaks. And lost data can not only result in serious financial loss for your organization but also cause your customers to lose trust. 

Therefore, to avoid damage to brand reputation and additional costs, you should make sure that SharePoint migration is secure. 

You should look at the customer reviews while considering a platform migration service provider. Make sure that the provider utilizes plenty of firewalls and other security protocols to ensure security. 

The other thing that you should consider is that your platform remains secure even after migration. So, look for a provider that offers post-migration support and maintenance services as well. 

4. Bespoke Solutions’ Provision 

Every organization has specific needs and goals with respect to various operations and services. And failure to meet those needs can impact the workflow and drive down performance. 

It can also impact customer satisfaction rates and damage brand rapport. 

Therefore, your migration service provider should propose solutions that cater to your specific needs. It should take into account the size of your organization, its specific data storage and management needs, and the need for other innovative features before moving forward with the migration. 

It then needs to come up with the right tools and engines to make your migration journey hassle-free. 

5. Timeliness and Agility 

Making sure that SharePoint customization gets completed on time is very important. This is because if the process doesn’t get completed on time, some data will be migrated, and some won’t be. Users won’t have access to the desired data on time, and this would impact operations. 

Always look at the service provider’s reputation in terms of timeliness while considering it. Timely migration will ensure the smooth running of operations and will also empower you to leverage new features and enhance performance. 

So, the quicker the migration, the quicker you will be able to improve organizational efficiency. 

6. Easy Data Preservation and Access 

One of the major benefits of SharePoint is the ease of preserving and accessing data. However, to make the most of this feature, the migration service provider has to perform a seamless migration. 

It has to ensure that users find it really easy to access and preserve data from file shares. 

The right migration experts will provide the support needed to ensure the migration of content from file shares in a quick and seamless way. Such a process will help you avoid all the complexities involved. 

With the right external support, the complex and time-consuming process of file share migration to an online SharePoint will turn into a seamless one. 

7. Continued Access to Third-party Tools 

Many organizations utilize third-party tools and services to enhance their systems and applications’ functionality. And to ensure the operations keep running smoothly after migration, the SharePoint migration service provider should offer ease in continuing access to third-party tools and systems. 

Complicated third-party tool integrations and code changes required for migration make it difficult for organizations to migrate third-party solutions. 

Right provider teams are experienced in handling complex code changes and third-party solution integrations required during migration. And they make sure that your third-party tools migrate seamlessly to your new platform environment. 

8. Updated SharePoint Online Features and Functionality 

Farm-to-tenant migration can be a challenging one. This is because you have to ensure that all of your data migrate seamlessly to continue operations. And your teams have to familiarize themselves with the platform’s functionality too. 

The right provider ensures that its team of platform experts is your support partner in executing a seamless, end-to-end farm-to-tenant migration. From data transfer to post-migration support, the right team offers it all to execute a faultless farm-to-tenant migration. 

9. Improved Coordination and Management 

A lack of in-house tools and expertise makes it difficult to merge SharePoint into one central platform for better coordination. And without improved coordination, you can’t make the most of this platform’s best features and capabilities. 

The right team of migration experts offers ease in merging multiple instances of SharePoint for organizations using different versions of the platform for various functions. 

They help in providing one central, targeted platform for you to achieve the enhanced coordination your organization needs. 

10. Improved Information Organization 

Updated platform features and functionality keep organizations running smoothly. Complicated platform management causes content to get scattered. And it makes it difficult for users to reorganize the shared and stored information. 

The right team of migration professionals brings in the experience needed for reorganizing stored information. It does so by complying with Microsoft’s recommended best practices for site architecture. 


SharePoint migration, although challenging, reaps many benefits. Once you shift from a legacy document management system to MS SharePoint, you enable greater collaboration between various teams and employees. However, it is vital that you choose the right migration service provider to execute your SharePoint migration. 

We have mentioned the ten things you should look out for when choosing a service provider. Don’t make hasty decisions when it comes to SharePoint migrations. Choose the vendor that fulfills the above criteria. 

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