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Are SharePoint Capabilities Limitless?

The enormously adaptable web-based collaboration that is SharePoint is a document management platform. Its use differs from organization to organization. SharePoint’s primary purpose is documentation, storage, record keeping, and proper information communication across the organization. Users can find multiple uses out of SharePoint capabilities to establish subsites for different teams and departments. It is like […]

A Guide to Successful SharePoint Migration

Sharepoint migration could be a daunting task keeping aside all the associated benefits. But it does not always have to be complex if one follows a simple guideline. You realize it is time for your business to migrate onto SharePoint when all your previous methods have failed you, and your data centers reek of flawed […]

Is SharePoint Online the Right Choice for Your Organization

Nearly every business organization, big or small, is increasingly moving to cloud computing, and the most preferred choice is SharePoint Online due to its many benefits, especially cost-effectiveness and less server management. However, the question remains, “Is SharePoint Online the right choice for your organization?” So if your organization is planning to migrate, than it’s […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers the capability to attain an excessive number of user-requested features and functionalities through its easy-to-use configuration tools. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features include: Creating custom screens or fields Lookup lists of account or opportunity records Out of the box and custom reports Complex business processes and workflows Dialogs to attain wizard like […]

Employee Engagement

How Social Networking and Collaboration Technologies Can Help Employee Engagement According to Gallup’s “State of the Global Workplace” 2013 survey, only 13 % of employees are actively engaged in their workplace. This figure must be troubling for any business leader. Although there are many factors involved in motivating and increasing your employee engagement, we will […]