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Today, there is a lot of focus on technology and its part in the digital transformation, firms need to recognize that it is primarily a business transformationdriven by an ever-changing customer landscape. With consumers’ evolving needs at their core, the change needs to achieve momentum and growth. At the same time, it impacts organizational structures, activities, processes, competencies, cultures, and business models that require regular monitoring.  

Xavor uses a discovery-driven consulting process to help our clients identify opportunities to create and deliver new value through new digital capabilities. This process is intensely workshop and interview-oriented, followed by whiteboarding and brainstorming sessions, sometimes across functions and processes. The process helps us understand and document the problems to be addressed, identify improvement in business consulting opportunities, compare with industry benchmarks, prepare data requirements and sources, and recommend solutions and key metrics to monitor improvement.  

At Xavor, we help you define your business strategies, enabling data-driven success by developing a high-level digital strategy. Our top consultants and specialists work with you to determine your timelines, targets, and goals for your business success story.   

  • Customer research – Validation of customer problems and needs and the value proposition.  
  • Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) analysis.  
  • Validation of Revenue /Profitability of the business model  
  • Benchmarking business model against industry best practices and competitors’ successes and failures.  
  • Emerging market trends & analysis  
  • Digital readiness assessment & Gap analysis between the firm’s existing capabilities and those required for the proposed digital business consulting model.  
  • Project management – this includes preparation of a project roadmap that defines the timelines, targets, and accountabilities and budget. It also lays out the transformation plan, accountabilities, and metrics needed to bring the digital strategy to life.  
  • Impact assessment -of digital technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and the Internet of things on the business model. identify metrics that are more closely linked to the specific improvements you hope digital initiatives will bring about 

Customer Research

Project Management

Impact Assessment


Emerging Market Trends & Analysis

Minimum Viable

Validation of Revenue/Profitability

Digital readiness &
Gap Analysis

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