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How Can Chatbots Improve Lead Qualification

The majority of customer interactions occur over the internet these days, particularly on websites. Enterprise heads, marketers, and e-commerce business owners all know that the traffic on your website could become a lead. Chatbots are one of the latest trends in shaping the customer journey and converting online visitors into qualified leads. Virtual sales representatives […]

What’s New With Microsoft SharePoint in 2022

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise collaboration tool that has taken its place as a reliable intranet in a large majority of modern businesses. Microsoft SharePoint enables seamless connectivity, hassle-free file sharing, controlled access, and effortless social media interactivity, making it an expeditious and secure intranet.  This popular collaboration tool is updated frequently with significant upgrades […]

How Data Visualization Can Help Business Growth

Have you ever gotten advice from someone to visualize your success to manifest it? That’s kind of how data visualization works too. But unlike the power of positive affirmation, data visualization has precise tools, methods, and quantifiable targets which help you grow your business. Since the rise of big data, collecting information on the productivity […]

Maintaining First-Rate PLM Performance

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software is an integral part of the innovation cycle for manufacturers. PLM helps create workflows, automate functions, and integrate other enterprise software for collaboration. The real utility of PLM performance is how it streamlines processes and reduces the margin for human error, making it possible to grow, improve and innovate.  PLM […]

Mobile App Security Checklist for 2022

Whether your mobile phone is for personal or professional use, there is a heap of data that you want to keep private and protected. There is also a financial risk involved as many mobile apps offer in-app purchases giving them access to your financial information. Many mobile applications are also collecting behavioral data in the […]

Digital Healthcare Solutions: A Strategy for Health Equity

The disparity in access to healthcare is a primary concern for global leaders. The goal for organizations like World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, and several economic think-tanks is to reduce this disparity by providing healthcare facilities to people worldwide. One interesting statistic to bring perspective to this disparity is 7.5% of Africa’s population being […]

What does Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Continuity Look Like

More than two years since the world was affected by the COVID-19 virus, supply chain continuity problems continue to occur. There are frequent reports of late deliveries, delayed production, and blocked shipping ports. Such problems are a result of inefficiencies that operations are now exposing. The massive impact of the virus has given organizations heads […]

Breaking Down the Digital Product Development Process

The digital product development process is a crucial part of any thriving business. Competitors change, markets change, and so do the customers. As a result, even the most seasoned enterprises can’t standstill. Whether tangible or intangible, every product is intended to bring value to both its maker and owner. The first one usually earns money […]