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IA: How Do Structure And Search Make An Effective Design Together?

Effective Design Information Architecture (IA) for your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution is especially challenging when content needs to be created and consumed in several different ways. Two potential approaches to information architecture design are structure driven and search driven. Within following paragraphs, we will discover the pros and cons of each approach. We will […]

Process Re-Design – A Necessity

Like ripping off an old band aid – pain needs to be sharp and short.  Your business processes need change as your organization progresses through its growth phases.  The best time to do a process re-design is during an enterprise application system implementation when circumstances are the right time for everyone to accept the changes. […]

An Overview Of xEngine

While working on different customer projects within the High-Tech and Medical Device industries at Xavor, I’ve noticed that we’ve always been faced with the need for an integration solution like “XEngine” that would allow different applications to talk to Oracle Agile PLM in a very highly configurable and cost effective way. By leveraging our extensive […]

Cloud Applications For Enterprises

There is great hype and fanfare around Cloud based technologies these days. It is often claimed to have the potential to dramatically improve how business is done (by both SMBs and Enterprises). Let’s quickly cut through the ‘marketing fluff’ and get to the bottom-line of how Cloud applications technology can help make your organization more […]

Digital Platforms and Design of Innovative Business Ecosystems

The Technology and Innovation Committee (T&I) held an event last Friday (November 18th, 2016) titled, “Digital Platforms and Design of Innovative Business Ecosystems”. Opening remarks During the opening remarks, Dr. Hugh Rashid, Co-Chair of the T&I committee, highlighted the importance of bringing more depth (both in terms of technology as well as human experiences in […]

Organizational & Digital Transformation through Design: From Engineering-Driven to User Experience Design-Driven

The AmCham Shanghai’s Technology & Innovation Committee held an event on Feb 22nd, 2017 titled: Organizational & Digital Transformation through Design: From Engineering-Driven to User Experience Design-Driven.  Overview The event speakers and panelists included Professor Dr. Lou Yongqi, dean of Tongji’s College of Design & Innovation, Shirley Xu, from IBM Design Studio, Yenwei Zheng, Senior Design Researcher with […]

Intelligent Manufacturing in China: Lessons Learned from Early Movers

With a particular focus on Internet of Things in manufacturing, the event covered how factories in China should start their internet of things journey, identify potential opportunities, find the right technologies & partners, implement and execute their plans and build a business case/ROI for larger implementation. Also covered were template of a typical engagement model […]

Gelato Printing Platform

AmCham Shanghai’s Technology & Innovation Committee and Gelato, a global platform company powering the world’s largest print cloud, organized a spotlight panel discussion on the topic of How Going Digital for Printing Solves Your Localization Problem on May 9th, 2017 which gathered over 35 participants. The panel discussion focused on how cloud technology innovation and […]