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Language Modeling in NLP – A Comprehensive Overview

Natural Language Processing NLP modeling is in vogue these days. They help applications execute multiple tasks like speech recognition, speech-to-text conversion, machine translation, sentiment analysis, and much more. These models form the core of NLP.   As companies continue to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies, NLP language models will continue to grow […]

Middleware – Its Types, Architecture, and Benefits

What is Middleware?   Middleware refers to software that enables interaction, connectivity, and communication between different applications or application components. It also allows for the transmission of information between different applications that were not originally designed to connect with each other, thus giving new functionality.   The term middleware refers to the software’s mediatory role between an […]

Agile PLM PG&C – Simple vs. Complex Product Compliance

As climate change continues to wreak havoc worldwide, the focus on complying with environmental regulations is also increasing. This focus is not restricted to only international or national-level organizations; companies (local and multinational) are also moving proactively to ensure regulatory compliance. Agile PLM PG&C product is vital to this entire process.   Not acting proactively […]