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IT Staff Augmentation Basics| Types, Usage, Benefits, and Challenges

Modern problems require modern solutions. Emergency and scalable recruitment options are a business’s biggest concern, and they require immediate attention and solution. In-house recruitment could be a pain when an employee lands you in deep waters by leaving in the middle of an ongoing project. It could be time-demanding, effort-taking, and costly because senior-level developers […]

Combining CRM and ERP with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was launched in 2016. At that time, Microsoft was one of the first to make a move and offer an integrated solution. Given the dynamic nature of business and the likelihood of unique situations, it is becoming increasingly crucial for solution providers to introduce applications that cater to changing trends. Dynamics 365 […]

Driving Business Processes with Microsoft Power Platform

The modern-day enterprise is all about harnessing the power of data. With efficient data utilization, a firm can predict user sentiment and demand and respond accordingly. But organizations go beyond just harnessing the power of data; they automate repetitive tasks and use modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive efficient business processes. The Microsoft […]

What is Azure Password Writeback?

Azure AD Domain Services supports Azure Password Writeback in Azure AD. After you enable Password Writeback on the Azure AD Domain Services page in the Azure portal, users can therefore change their passwords in Azure AD. Azure AD then changes the passwords on the domain controllers in Azure DevOps Services. Additionally, as the passwords are […]

How Do Azure Consulting Services Improve the Growth of SMBs?

The Cloud offers safe, secure, and easy storage options for data and documentation. It allows seamless collaboration between stakeholders within an organization, thus eliminating the need for an office desktop for work. This is an incremental move for small to mediums businesses seeking ways to enhance their productivity while keeping their employees motivated and encouraged.  […]

Introduction to Infrastructure as Code | Benefits, Approaches, and Best Practices

We often use the word infrastructure synonymous with a process or a system. Infrastructure is a core principle and guideline of the software development process. Besides, it provisions for a stable operation of an application. Infrastructure as code encompasses:  Load balancers  Firewalls  Databases  Security system  Complex container clusters, etc.   The concept behind infrastructure as code […]

Mind-Blowing Breakthroughs in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry requires some fundamental changes. Several opportunities could benefit from the latest technology to treat chronic illnesses and incurable ailments. The latest technological advancements can deploy accurate, efficient, and effective healthcare solutions at the right time.  Artificial intelligence is making strides in every industry. Now and then we see numerous applications of AI […]