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What is Enterprise Service Management?

Modern technologies and software tend to offer easy access and quick answers to critical business information and questions. Companies are, therefore, rapidly deploying modern technologies like AI and cloud computing to enhance business performance. One practical approach toward adopting such technologies is Enterprise Service Management (ESM). To be sure, it can and should become a […]

Terraform – The Ultimate Infrastructure as Code Tool

In the years gone by, system admins used to set up IT infrastructure manually. Although managing services and servers manually in a data center is not very tedious, it all changes when you switch to Terraform or to multiple cloud-service providers.    Imagine yourself using resources from multiple cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.). […]

Effective Data Migration Strategies to Agile PLM System

Today, most supply chains are global and complex. Navigating through a company’s supply chain is no mean task. Managing and leveraging it for business growth is even more difficult. Therefore, companies use product lifecycle management (PLM) to keep up with the ever-evolving business dynamics.   Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) refers to the strategic process of managing […]

Staff Augmentation: What Is It and How to Make The Most of It

The concept of contingent workers has become increasingly popular in today’s organizations. Contingent workers do not form part of an organization’s traditional workforce. Rather, they work on a temporary basis as independent contractors, freelancers or consultants.  It isn’t something new; companies have long sought to hire contingent workers to fill vacant roles, either temporarily or […]