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The Rise of Robots – Transforming Geriatric Care

Recent decades have seen advances in digital technologies, such as AI services, IoT, and computer vision, expanding capabilities of health robots into many areas of healthcare. As technologies evolve, it is clear that health care robots will enable high levels of patient care, perform high precision tasks in clinical settings and ensure safe work environments […]

Agile PLM for an Accelerated Organizational Performance

With the rapidly changing consumer behavior and needs, health tech and life sciences product designers and engineers are constantly under pressure to stay one step ahead in product management. Regulatory bottlenecks, human errors, and information silos slow down production and management processes, thus driving down productivity. Agile PLM support empowers health tech and life sciences […]

Remote Monitoring and Management in Industry 4.0

The phenomenon of globalization is centered around innovatively shortening distances without physically reducing them. This includes important business decisions such as offshoring (relocating manufacturing to other countries for strategic advantages). With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, corporate culture has shifted even further towards remote work. Owing to these factors, the remote working world also […]

5 Ways Computer Vision Can Help Manufacturers Keep the Factory Floor Secure

Manufacturers are under immense pressure to recruit skilled workers, enhance supply chain performance, incorporate new technologies, and improve ROI . To ensure the fulfilment of these objectives, manufacturers first have to establish a safe workplace and minimize workers’ health related costs using computer vision.  The amount spent on ensuring workers’ well being significantly impacts a […]

Increase ROI with the Right CMS Software

For health tech and life sciences marketers, creating and sharing value-added content with the decision-makers is imperative to increase engagement, build trust and gain a competitive advantage. While new CMS software available on consumer behavior alone can significantly assist marketers in content creation, it can’t guarantee an improved conversion rate. Health tech and life sciences […]