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Managing Agile PLM Implementation Risks

There are many different layers within an organization to run like a well-oiled machine. The people, processes and tools must work consistently together in order to produce a strong outcome. When any element is added or taken away within a business, the appropriate precautions must take place in order to keep existing processes afloat. For […]

What You Missed in Carlsbad

Have you ever been to the Crossings Golf course in Carlsbad? Although most people go to golf, we had the pleasure of hosting our last Agile PLM solution Meetup here! Immediately we were drawn in by the open meeting space with beautiful windows and high celling overlooking the golf course, and if you look close […]

IA: How Do Structure And Search Make An Effective Design Together?

Designing Information Architecture (IA) for your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution is especially challenging when content needs to be created and consumed in several different ways. Two potential approaches to information architecture design are structure driven and search driven. Within following paragraphs, we will discover the pros and cons of each approach. We will also […]

An Overview Of xEngine

While working on different customer projects within the High-Tech and Medical Device industries at Xavor, I’ve noticed that we’ve always been faced with the need for an integration solution that would allow different applications to talk to Oracle Agile PLM in a very highly configurable and cost effective way. By leveraging our extensive knowledge and […]

Cloud Applications For Enterprises

There is great hype and fanfare around Cloud based technologies these days. It is often claimed to have the potential to dramatically improve how business is done (by both SMBs and Enterprises). Let’s quickly cut through the ‘marketing fluff’ and get to the bottom-line of how Cloud based technology can help make your organization more […]

Digital Platforms and Design of Innovative Business Ecosystems

The Technology and Innovation Committee (T&I) held an event last Friday (November 18th, 2016) titled, “Digital Platforms and Design of Innovative Business Ecosystems”. Opening remarks During the opening remarks, Dr. Hugh Rashid, Co-Chair of the T&I committee, highlighted the importance of bringing more depth (both in terms of technology as well as human experiences in […]

Open Innovation Platforms

The fast product cycle and increasing product complexity is making it difficult for even large companies to solely rely on internal resource for product innovation. This trend was first promoted as “Open Innovation” by Henry Chesbrough and over the last decade has been successfully implemented by companies such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson and others […]

Automation Engine – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions If you missed last month’s Agile PLM featured webinar on our Automation Engine, read on regarding some frequently asked questions from our attendees and relevant answers provided by Xavor’s Tom Nelson, Principal Product Management and Innovation regarding this robust solution. Does this tool replace the need for Groovy or PX’s? It’s close. If […]