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The Benefits Of Agile PPM

A few weeks ago we had a great discussion on Agile’s PPM (Product Portfolio Management) tool in our webinar session and user group meeting. PPM is a web-based, enterprise system supporting the management of phase-based programs and projects with seamless integration to PLM. In addition, it manages sub-projects, processes, deliverables, schedules, resources loading, task management […]

Get Ahead In IP Management

A few days ago Vice President Joe Biden made headlines defending Intellectual Property during the Creativity Conference in Orlando, Florida. “They’d never steal a shipment of a thousand automobiles,” he said in reference to intellectual property pirates. “What they’re stealing is much more valuable than the commodities we ship.” (, 2014) Intellectual Property refers to […]

UI Wizard For Agile PLM

It’s never easy for our customers to take the customization route, considering the fact that it requires core developers and maintenance to do so. Discovering these customer challenges has motivated us to develop a solution which allows you to simplify the customization process. Our UI Wizard  for Agile PLM allows you to create your own customizations without […]

Characteristics Of A Valuable CRM System

A CRM system with a one-size-fits-all approach seldom contains significant business worth. Before continuing with a CRM system, enterprise organizations should carefully outline their approach to CRM by assessing the technologies involved. Inadequacies on either side can lead to failure. With an emphasis of analyzing business requirements and understanding the involved technologies which empower the […]

Process Re-Design – A Necessity

Like ripping off an old band aid – pain needs to be sharp and short.  Your business processes need change as your organization progresses through its growth phases.  The best time to do a re-design is during an enterprise application system implementation when circumstances are the right time for everyone to accept the changes. Mergers, […]

Intelligent Manufacturing in China: Lessons Learned from Early Movers

Intelligent Manufacturing in China: Lessons Learned from Early Movers The AmCham Shanghai’s Technology & Innovation Committee held an event on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 on Intelligent Manufacturing in China: Lessons Learned from Early Movers.  With a particular focus on IoT in manufacturing, the event covered how factories in China should start their IoT journey, identify potential opportunities, find […]

Investing in Chinese Technology Firms – Practitioner Perspective

Investing in Chinese Technology Firms – Practitioner Perspective Amcham Shanghai’s Tech & Innovation committee in collaboration with the Finance committee hosted an event “Investing in Chinese Technology Firms – Practitioner Perspective” on June 26, 2017. Han Lin, Senior VP, Deputy GM, Wells Fargo China and Chair of the Finance Services Committee kicked off the event by […]

UDI Regulation

UDI Regulation How do you deal with data management challenges while implementing UDI regulation? I’d like to start off by describing that the primary focus of this blog is on the data management challenges while implementing the Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulation.  This is meant for an audience who is responsible for UDI implementation and […]