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Xavor operates at the cutting-edge intersection of healthcare and technology with a vision to enable and empower its partners in delivering quality products, solutions and innovations to institutions and patients across the globe.


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Moin ud din 12th July, 2021 (0)

The Personicle: A glimpse into your future

This article is based on the ideolog of Dr. Ramesh Jain’s work on Personicle. To find out more please visit the Personicle.   Current healthcare

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Sanveed Adnan 2nd July, 2021 (0)

AI Powered Cancer Diagnosis and Imaging

An early and accurate AI powered cancer diagnosis can significantly improve the longevity and

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Rabeya Jamshad 24th June, 2021 (0)

Healthcare Robotics for Elderly: The Opportunity and

Use of robotics in healthcare is steadily rising with new applications ranging from exoskeletons

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