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Agile PLM Upgrade

Includes Delta Training and Business Workshops, Performance Testing and Xavor Add-Ons

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Agile PLM Upgrade Services

What Can Xavor’s Agile PLM Upgrade Services Do For Your Business?

Here are some ways in which our Agile PLM Upgrade Services are different:
  • We include not only delta training but we also include business workshops on how your company can use new features and configuration in both of your test and production environments.
  • We automatically include load/performance testing against the benchmark of your existing environment to avoid performance degradation by an upgrade.
  • We upgrade all of your customizations.
  • If you lost your source code, we can decompile it to ensure that the right version gets moved.
  • We have the best relationships with CAD providers and will work to ensure that the new Agile PLM version works with CAD environments.
  • If you are using Oracle PIP, we are aware of versions that work with each other throughout the stack. We can upgrade it with you as one project (additional charges apply).
  • OPLA upgrades are included in all our packages even if you have page 3 or custom attributes configured.
  • If we complete your upgrade, all of your awesome Xavor add-ons get upgraded as well, even if you didn’t buy support for the add-on solutions. This happens only if we are doing the upgrade.
  • If you give us a Hosting contract, we will upgrade it for you at no cost.
  • If you give us a Managed Services contract, we will upgrade it for you at no additional cost.
  • If we are completing the upgrade and you buy our xEngine Integration solution, we will waive the implementation services cost.

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