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Agile PLM Product Structuring

What Can Xavor’s Agile PLM Product Structuring Services Do for Your Business?

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Agile PLM Product Structuring Services

Our Agile PLM Product Structuring Services enables companies to reduce time by enabling common data structures and processes across the enterprise.

In addition, Xavor’s Agile PLM Product Structuring Services can:

  • Minimize problems sharing accurate, consistent and common data throughout the enterprise
  • Bring together data from disparate groups or new business mergers & acquisitions by transforming and assimilating data
  • Improve product analysis and reporting

How does it work?

  • Map/analyze existing processes

  • Re-design processes

  • Clean Up and Transform Data

  • Implement & Validate


  • Build strong data foundation
  • Extract, transform and load data in a consistent manner
  • Flexible solution to add/modify new required fields
  • Changes are enterprise wide
  • Consistent Item numbering
  • Consistent revision scheme
  • Consistent configuration management
  • Consistent change management
  • Enterprise dashboards and reports


  • FAST track solution to meet aggressive deadlines
  • Flexibility – to accommodate future business changes
  • Simplicity – as everyone is using the same processes and rules
  • Improved visibility – to improve Data analysis and reporting
  • Decreases time and cost – by minimizing errors and duplication of effort
  • Less Training – data and process consistency means less interpretation and fewer processes

Product Maintenance Challenges

• Sharing data across organizations is impossible

• Common information across similar products has to be re-entered by users

• Improve product analysis and reporting

• Incorporating M&A into a corporate view

• Analyzing and reporting across the enterprise

• Inconsistent naming, numbering and product configuration conventions

• External audits are problematic as data and processes are inconsistent

• Data cleansing, transformation and submission to external entities such as Regulatory and FDA