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Agile PLM Hosting Services

Xavor’s Hosting Services enables Agile PLM customers to completely outsource the underlying operation of their Agile PLM applications and truly feel that they are using a cloud/SaaS application.

Hosting Service

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Agile PLM Hosting Services

What Can Xavor’s Hosting Services Do For Your Business?

Xavor’s Hosting Services enables Agile PLM customers to completely outsource the underlying operation of their Agile PLM applications and truly feel that they are using a cloud/SaaS application by paying a flat monthly fee instead of being billed for various services, which should have not been included in the first place.

In addition, Xavor’s Hosting Services includes the following key features:

• Installation and daily backups with local and off-site storage with the system hosted in the Amazon Web Services Cloud
• Agile PLM upgrades
• Yearly average of minimum 99% availability guarantee for Production platform (excluding scheduled maintenance)

• Support for integration to on-premise, third-party hosted ERP or other systems
• 24×7 Helpdesk availability and quick response to requests as defined by SLAs
• A free non-production (test) environment

• Availability of the Helpdesk Portal for clients to keep track of their requests and statuses
• Preventive maintenance and support
• Self-manage the system yourself and pay Amazon directly for the hosting fee
• Month-to-month service with no contracts

Scheduled System Support

Agile System Maintenance & Administration Services
• Xavor will monitor the result of scheduled executions of Averify, diagnose results, and determine corrective actions
• Xavor will ensure all updated relevant Agile service patches, service packs, hot fixes and bug fixes are applied as they are released and as appropriate by Oracle Support with approval from Client
• Xavor will perform periodic load tests as defined in the schedule for performance and responsiveness, and report on the observed performance. Corrective action will be taken when needed
• System support coverage will be available for all Agile instances as defined in the SLA

System Planning Services
• Xavor will recommend future infrastructure needs as load and capacity needs changes are identified
• Xavor will provide support during version upgrades

Service Levels By Severity*

System Down, or Important features of the Software are not working properly and there are no acceptable, alternative solutions. Xavor acknowledges the issue within 1 hour. Technical resources are engaged as needed to resolve the issue as soon as possible and works the issue 24×7 until a resolution or acceptable workaround is provided. Provides update every 4 hours.

Important features of the Software are unavailable, but an alternative solution is available; or, non-essential features of the Software are unavailable with no alternative solution. Xavor acknowledges the issue within 4 hours. Provides estimated date/time of resolution within 8 hours. Provides update daily.

Client submits a Software information request, software enhancement or documentation clarification which has no operational impact. The implementation or use of the Software by the Client is continuous and there is no negative impact on productivity. Xavor acknowledges the issue within 1 day. Provides estimated date/time of resolution within 3 days. Provides update weekly.

*Resolution numbers are estimates.

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