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New Product Development

(NPD) Manager

Enhances the program manager and product/design engineer experience with Agile PLM (PPM & PC).

NPD Development Manager

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New Product Development Manager

Xavor’s New Product Development (NPD) Manager enhances program manager and product/design engineer experience with Agile PLM (PPM & PC) by automating the steps involved in building an NPD project plan, BOM structure from various templates and creating the relationships between tasks and document and part deliverables.

As the project progresses, the NPD Manager automatically creates and continuously updates a structured Design History File.

The NPD Manager:

  • Create a product BOM from a template
  • Item numbers and descriptions are automatically filled in from user entered attributes
  • Create the Development Project Plan from a template related to the type of product
  • Schedules, tasks and deliverables, resources, and milestone with reviews are automatically populated based on the product attributes
  • Task deliverables are automatically placed into a structured product record – Program History

The Challenge

Your company must develop products and get them to market in the shortest time possible. There are a lot of functional areas involved throughout the development process – Design Engineering, Test Engineering, Product Engineering, Manufacturing and Manufacturing Engineering, Quality & Reliability Engineering, Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, Finance, and Suppliers/Contract Manufacturers – and they both have tasks with deliverables and need access to information provided by other groups. You can’t afford to waste time putting together detailed project plans and product structure documentation as well as making sure that the Enterprise can find the information they need

Key Benefits and Features

  • Create the product structure, project plan, and program history document with a few mouse clicks
  • The information organization includes tasks and deliverables for all functions involved
  • Activities are parallelized as much as possible to minimize throughput time
  • Visibility is improved minimizing slips do to “I didn’t know it was time to …”
  • The automation promotes data consistency
  • Users are automatically notified when they have tasks assigned
  • Tasks include deliverables and reviews Highlight


  • Works in 9.3.1 environments and later
  • Appears as a single solution rather than various modules
  • Uses the same Agile interface that users are already familiar with
  • Provides a simpler user interface for casual users
  • Easy installing and configuration
  • Upgrade safe
  • Simple training