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Auto Value Generator

Create An Intelligent FG Number From Attributes.

Auto Value Generator

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Auto Value Generator Details


Xavor’s Auto Value Generator allows Agile PLM users to automatically modify field contents based on data in other fields. This solution saves users time and reduces errors by automating routine tasks and speeding up the process by:

• Standardizing the description field based on other attributes
• Enhancing the data visibility of quick search
• Defaulting any attribute with data from other attributes
• Automatically creates intelligent part numbers optionally utilizing auto-numbers

Create an intelligent FG number from attributes

Whenever a new Finished Good part is created, it may be required to generate a new item number (i.e. Title Block Number + Page Three Catalog Details). The Auto Value Generator can automate this functionality. Another scenario is to generate the Description of an item by using different attributes of that item thereby standardizing the description field. The Auto Value Generator will generate the value of an attribute based on a predefined sequence of other attributes of the same record.

Trigger Point

This PX can be triggered from Action Menu & Events such as “Save”


Agile Version: 9.3.x Application deployment: Weblogic


The Process Extension will be configurable from an Admin panel that will provide the following options:

  • Allow Admin to set sequence of attributes in an auto generated attribute
  • Allow Admin to configure mapping for attributes of multiple classes and subclasses
  • Allow Admin to configure mapping for multiple attributes of the same class/subclass
  • Px will use values of attribute in sequence (available in predefined mapping) to generate value of attribute for which mapping is configured
  • List type attributes will show list values in Admin tooltip
  • Each Class/Subclass may have a different delimiter
  • Allow Admin to select delimiter between data (can be any character or string value
  • Allow Admin to wrap delimiter with space
  • Provide information about character used and Total character available for Part number field
  • User can define Alias of list values by choosing the List type selected value and click on “Define List Alias” button
  • Provide a warning/error message if the user attempts to misconfigure (delimiter is not provided or attributes are not selected)
  • Configurations for a class will be valid for its subclasses as well, unless subclass has its own configurations