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Xavor’s Assist+ guides users at the field level during both object creation and updates to prevent any future corrective action.

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Agile users are often overwhelmed by new functionality and updates to data fields, while experienced users sometimes risk going down the wrong path during data entry and updates. Assist+ is your solution for that.

What is Assist+?

Xavor’s Assist+ guides users at the field level during both object creation and updates to prevent any future corrective action. Assist+ provides mouse-over hover (help) text for Agile objects, which include parts, documents and all types of changes for content messages for important objects and edits.

Assist+ notifies users of changing compliance and regulatory requirements as well as displays warnings, directions or alerts. The correct data is captured initially, which eliminates further re-do’s of approval cycles and safeguards the quality of data in the Agile PLM system.

Why Assist+

Accuracy is increased when the user is provided with assistance where and when they need it and tailored to their role and privileges. No need to switch to other applications for guidance or track down others for help.


  • Works seamlessly with the Agile PLM environment without any need for a process extension
  • Has a web-based admin console for configuring help text
  • Supports all major browsers such as IE (8,9 and 10), Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Works with all cover page, page 2 and page 3 fields
  • Compatible with Agile 9.3.X

Product Installation

  • Assist+ resides on the Agile Application Server, Web Logic or OAS – no extra infrastructure is required. Installation just takes 30 minutes.


Callouts help users view the help easily and efficiently as well as enter in the correct data for various fields: • Addition of pictures • Large amount of text • Videos


The Pin feature provides the ability to pin and maximize the callout on the bottom right corner of the page, while the user is still able to view callouts of other attributes on hover.

Updated Text Notification

With the Updated Text Notification feature, the user will now be able to know if the Assist+ text being viewed has been recently updated. If the help text for particular attribute has been updated within a certain time period, (configurable through admin console configuration screen), the notification icon is now the color orange.

Data Import/Export

The useful Data Import/Export feature allows the user to port data between servers without a hassle or loss of data/ configuration settings.

Help Content

Create Help Content tied to user-roles against all class/ sub-class attributes using a rich text editor

Color Themes

With Assist+ you can set color themes associated with roles within your organization.

Embed External Links

With this feature, you can embed external links to sites, documents, audio, videos, or other content accessible via html links.