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BOM Configurator

Saves Agile PLM users time with a remarkably sleek Web UI which defines rules for Variant Management as well as creates Variants using these rules.

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BOM Configurator

What can Xavor’s BOM Configurator Do For Your Business?

Xavor’s Bill of Materials (BOM) Configurator saves Agile PLM users time with a remarkably sleek Web UI which defines rules for Variant Management as well as creates Variants using these rules.

Key Features:

  • Admin Panel for rules management and a User Panel for creating Variants
  • Rules can be defined for Base BOMs and Market BOMs where the Market BOM inherits structure/rules from the Base BOM
  • Base structure is common across markets and relates to a specific Finished Good (FG)
  • Allows for different rules for various Markets
  • Informs the User about the possible number of BOM Combinations after the Admin is done with Configurations
  • Includes a built-in Rules Engine for executing complex rules

Configuration Options/Rules:

Using the Admin Panel, the user can complete the following:

  • Mark a Feature Required
  • Mark a Feature Optional
  • Mark a Feature Not Available
  • Define Min and Max number of features available for a specific Feature Set
  • Create If/then Rules where a feature can be marked Required, Optional or Not Available based on the selection of another Feature


  • Expressions are an important feature of BOM Configurator
    • Expressions are if-then Rules. When using Expressions, the user can relate rules to other features in the BOM.
    • Expressions can have a Global scope (throughout the BOM) or Feature Set Scope (within the same category of the BOM).

Variant Creation:

Users can create Variants once configurations are complete

  • The Configurator will ensure that Rules are properly executed
  • Newly created variants can be put on an ECO and routed for approval