Web Content

A traditional challenge within many
organizations is the reliance of business
users on technical teams to publish
new content as well as improve communication
with stakeholders on the web.

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Web Content Management

The Problem

In most organizations the members of the technical team are responsible for the publishing new content as well as to improve communication with the stakeholders on the web, creating challenges for business users in terms of publishing up-to-date and latest information efficiently with efficacy.

Solution Overview

Xavor’s Web Content Management Solution allows business users to become more independent with their content publishing activities. This empowers the user to publish up-to-date information and communicate with their target audience through their website at a more effective rate. If your company headquarters are located in another country with support teams in separate locations, your employees are now able to collaborate by accessing a company website, regardless of location. Website content owners create lists, libraries and supply employees with the materials they need to perform their day-to-day duties. Managers now have the ability to create and update a task list that outlines what the team needs to do and indicate responsibility. Teams across the globe are able to login to the portal and instantly access important information or even create content for someone in another country. In addition, employees can create e-mail alerts on their lists and libraries so that their colleagues are instantly notified of new or changed content.

Solution Features

Our Web Content Management Solution utilizes the strengths of SharePoint to manage and publish your content:

  • Create and publish content quickly and easily: Allow users to create and publish web content in a timely manner from browser
  • Maintain a consistent look throughout your website: Enable branding by creating approved master pages and page layouts to enforce consistency across your website
  • Lower deployment and management costs for your sites:  Publish content to intranet, extranet, and Internet sites by implementing single multitier infrastructure
  • Workflows: Automate the process of publishing or approving content
  • Content Versioning: Keep an electronic paper trail by using the most up-to-date versions of your document(s) while subsequently allowing you to restore to a previous version
  • Variations for multilingual sites: Make content available to specific audience on different sites based on the language setting of their web browser
  • Reporting Dashboards: Obtain a high-level overview of your content
  • Check In/Check Out: Ensures that multiple people are working on the same up-to-date content during editing processes
  • Cross-site publishing: Let you store and maintain one or more authoring site collections and display this content in one or more publishing site collection
  • Analytics and recommendations: Analyze content that is more relevant and display content recommendations based on usage patterns
  • Device-specific targeting: Allow single site to be rendered in multiple ways by using different designs that target different devices such as smartphones, tablets  and set-top boxes