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Upgrade and Migration

Moving to the Cloud, Upgrading your SharePoint version or moving to SharePoint from another system? Thinking of reorganizing data after Acquisition or Merger?

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Upgrade and Migration Services

What Can Xavor’s SharePoint Online Migration Services Do For Your Business?

Xavor’s SharePoint Online Migration Services are designed to help organizations make the most of their investment of the Microsoft SharePoint Online platform. Over the last 3 years, Xavor has helped over 200 enterprise customers with their SharePoint Migration or Upgrade challenges in a time and cost effective manner. Moving to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint Online opens up new and intuitive ways for your teams to get connected, share knowledge and work together. The existing knowledge assets of this new collaboration platform can be challenging due to the volume of information which needs to be migrated. There is also the complexity of mapping custom solutions and workflows to this new system. Xavor has both the tools and expertise to help you manage these challenges. Completing this successfully is a key factor in a profitable adoption of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Key Features

  • Identifies the Business Value of this investment to your organization
  • Creates a roadmap for this transition which focuses on delivering maximum value early on
  • Performs POCs to address your organization’s concern upfront
  • Ensures Capacity Planning so that you opt for the right plan and other IT infrastructure elements are aligned with this change

Supported Scenarios

  • Moving from on-premises installation to SharePoint Online
  • Migrating content from file shares
  • Importing your knowledge assets from another system to SharePoint
  • Merging multiple instances of SharePoint into one target platform
  • Reorganizing how information is stored and shared

Migration Impact on other IT Solutions

Xavor will help you carryout impact analysis of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint Online to help your organization get most out of this transition. This includes:

  • Roadmap for linked IT assets like identity provider and email infrastructure
  • Mapping of in-hour business applications to new features and workflows
  • Migration of custom solutions to SharePoint Online platform

Xavor’s Methodology

Our methodology ensures that we identify risks faster and engage with business users earlier in the process. We also establish visibility across the user community and measure utilization to improve adoption.

Case Study

“Xavor’s role in our SharePoint Online Migration project was critical for its success. The Xavor team was on point with all of their deliverables and flexible when needed. They were always willing to do what needed to be done to keep our migration schedule on track. I would definitely recommend Xavor as a great partner.”

Project Manager, Life Sciences