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BizTalk Upgrade

By upgrading to Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016 your organization will reap the benefits of enhanced productivity tools, powerful security, compelling auditing features and more.

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BizTalk Upgrade

What Can Xavor’s Offering Do For Your Business?

Engage with Xavor’s team of experts to upgrade to Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016 and enjoy:

  • More powerful security and auditing features
  • Highly enhanced productivity tools
  • High availability production workloads in Azure
  • Simplified connectivity of on-premises systems to cloud-based applications, and seamless integration with SaaS like Salesforce, Dynamics, SAP cloud, and Oracle cloud

Furthermore, as you can ascertain from the table below, Microsoft is phasing out the support for the earlier versions of BizTalk:

BizTalk Version

Support End (Mainstream)

Support End (Extended)

BizTalk Server 2006



BizTalk Server 2006 R2



BizTalk Server 2009



BizTalk Server 2010



BizTalk Server 2013



BizTalk Server 2013 R2



We do not recommend opting for extended support for the following reasons:

  • Non-Security hotfix support will require extended hotfix agreement, purchased within 90 days of mainstream support ending
  • Incident support shall be chargeable
  • Warranty claims cannot be made
  • Design changes and feature requests cannot be made

Why Xavor

Xavor’s BizTalk team has performed dozens of BizTalk upgrades over the years by virtue of which we have developed a set of repeatable frameworks, or accelerators, that allow us to upgrade your BizTalk Server in no time.

Before the upgrade, we perform the following activities to create your very own implementation and deployment roadmap:

  • Evaluation of Enterprise-level strategy: We start by analyzing the specific needs of your organization to determine whether you should opt for an on premises, cloud, or hybrid solution.
  • Existing IT Systems Evaluation: We also evaluate the existing systems and hardware to determine whether a direct upgrade is possible. If not, we will recommend the additional software/hardware that needs to be procured based on your organizational requirements.
  • Implementation: Based on the findings of the initial two steps we will create a custom implementation and deployment plan to upgrade your BizTalk server and migrate existing systems to the new version in a seamless manner

Upgrade and support BizTalk the easy way

To help companies seamlessly upgrade and maintain BizTalk Server, we offer clients the option to purchase our bundled upgrade and managed services offerings.  With a one-year service agreement we upgrade your environment for free.

As a part of this offering, we:

  • Install and configure BizTalk Server 2016
  • Build infrastructure for 3 environments:
    • Dev – 1 application server, 1 database server
    • QA- 2 application servers, 1-2 database servers
    • Production – 2 application servers, 1-2 database servers
  • Outline an adoption and deployment strategy
  • Migrate existing solutions to the upgraded server
  • Train internal resources on industry best practices
  • Build/enhance existing artifacts
  • Provide ongoing technical support

Customers must purchase at least 80 hours per month to be eligible for the free upgrade. The purchased hours can also be used for any of the following activities:

  • BizTalk planning
  • Bug fixing/enhancements
  • Support
  • Training

We work closely with your organization’s internal IT experts to ensure BizTalk Server implementations are designed, developed and monitored in the best way possible. Please note that the installation of the base software is the customer’s responsibility.