Xavor Video Library

Learn about Xavor’s Agile PLM Product and Solution offerings via our video library.

Groovy Scripts for Non-Programmers Training Session

This training session will include learning about various automation(s) to enhance your Agile use, an overview of free automations/scripts that Oracle provides and how to get a script working. Find out what exactly Groovy Script is, the differences between Groovy and Java and understand the best practices.

Environmental Governance and Compliance (EG&C)

Xavor’s EG&C Solution will allow you to track many standards. It was developed on the Oracle Product Data Hub and Oracle Product Development Cloud.

Advance Tools for Agile PLM

Discover Xavor’s Advanced Tools for Agile PLM which include Cost ModelingAutomation EnginexEngine IntegrationxReport and BOM Configurator allow companies to get serious results.

Explore Oracle Product Development Cloud

As a PLM solution designed for the cloud, Oracle Product Development Cloud and Xavor help life science, semiconductor and high-tech organizations get a complete configuration management, change management and quality system, including environmental governance and compliance, up and running in weeks. Learn how Oracle’s cloud-based solution along with Xavor’s eXpedite packages can help companies achieve the following in weeks:

– Full QMS including ISO based Quality Manual, SOPs, and Forms
– CAPA, Audit and Nonconformance support
– Life Science, Semiconductor and High-Tech Configurations
– Environmental Governance & Compliance
– OQ & PQ documents to aid in Validations
– Training (Super User, Admin, End User)
– Integrations with on-prem applications

Groovy Scripts for Non-Programmers Live Training

Feelin’ Groovy? During this live streaming training session from Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience, you will find out what exactly Groovy Script is, the differences between Groovy and Java and understand the best practices.

In addition, you will learn about various automation(s) to enhance your Agile use, an overview of free automations/scripts that Oracle provides and how to get a script working.

BI Publisher Training

In this session, we will provide an overview of the solution and demonstrate how to publish a document from scratch including template creation, field mappings and steps to setup a simple groovy based trigger.

Agile PPM: How To Improve Your On-time Budget Performance

During this live streaming training session from Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience, we’ll demonstrate multi-project views, resource loading/leveling methods, Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), top 12 causes of project failure and guidelines for improved project management.

Essential Tools for Agile PLM

Discover Xavor’s Essential Tools for Agile PLM which include Assist+, ECO Dashboard, Auto Value Generator, UI Wizard and Excel Integration.

Xavor’s xEngine Integration Solution

Are you integrating Agile PLM with ERP or other applications? In 45 minutes, we will share our PLM integration knowledge distilled from our experience and observations from hundreds of integrations.

Excel Integration for Agile PLM: Xavor Corporation

To innovate and develop cutting edge products, numerous documents are generated throughout the Product Value Chain. With Agile PLM being the data hub, it is essential that documents are appropriately managed in Agile. With Xavor’s ingenious integration solution between Microsoft Excel and Oracle Agile PLM, this can ultimately help Product Teams to save time and generate value.

Introducing Xavor’s Automation Engine Solution for Agile PLM: Xavor Corporation

Agile implementations often require writing a number of customizations using Agile SDK and/or Groovy scripts. Both writing and testing these customizations can take up a lot of time, energy and money. Xavor’s Automation Engine Solution allows Agile PLM Admins to create custom actions without writing any code. This solution is a super PX, which is configurable using a slick Admin Portal.

Driving Product Cost Savings with Xavor’s Cost Modeling Tool (CMT): Xavor Corporation

Xavor’s Cost Modeling Tool (CMT) is a lightweight and powerful way of analyzing product costs across the product value chain by involving Engineering, PMO, Purchasing, Finance and Product Managers in the modeling process. In addition, this robust solution can integrate with your organization’s PLM, PCM, ERP and MRP solution(s) to consolidate data across all BOMs where the part under review is used.

eXpedite Implementation for Innovation Management: Xavor Corporation

Determine how Xavor’s eXpedite Implementation for Innovation Management (IM) can help your organization with a focused implementation that takes less time to deploy with faster organizational acceptance.

Understanding Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK): Xavor Corporation

Discover how Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) can help with user training, context sensitive help, creating documentation, developing manuals and more.

Explore Xavor’s Latest Features & Functionality Solutions: Xavor Corporation

If you’re interested in automating your user experience in Agile PLM, you won’t want to miss this webinar for business users, doc control folks and Agile admins.

Discovering the Ins and Outs of Groovy Script: Xavor Corporation

Feelin’ Groovy? Learn how to automate your Agile PLM experience with Groovy Script. In addition, we will discuss the benefits of Oracle’s Innovation Management Cloud.

Find Out Why You Should Upgrade To Agile PLM 9.3.2, 9.3.3 and 9.3.4: Xavor Corporation

Is your organization using an older version of Agile PLM? If so, you won’t want to miss this webinar which is dedicated to discussing the latest capabilities of the 9.3.4 release – even going back to versions 9.3.3 and 9.3.2!

xEngine – Agile PLM to Any System Integration: Xavor Corporation

During this webinar you will find out how xEngine’s out-of-the-box adapters connect Agile PLM easily with systems such as EBS, SAP, QAD, Dynamics AX, Salesforce.com, File System, FTP or Custom Applications.

Xavor’s Process Design Services: Restructuring Processes for the Product Value Chain

The ability to think critically about processes while designing them and keeping the overall impact is an important skill needed for almost everyone that is part of the product value chain. This includes individuals responsible for running all or parts of a business function or department; managing the implementation of a system; or managing work with internal or external partners. During this webinar, you will learn about the essential tools for thinking about process design.

Introduction to Xavor’s UI Speed-Ups for Agile PLM: Xavor Corporation

At Xavor, we understand how complicated it can be to create records that contain hundreds of fields that can vary based on business unit, product line or other factors. With Xavor’s UI Speed-Ups for Agile PLM, the solution guides users through a set of relevant questions to automate the creation of Agile Records.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition with OPLA: Xavor Corporation

Learn how OPLA can give your company insight into your business with upscale analysis and direct dashboards. Find out how you can gain improved time to market through template visibility, enhance executive oversight through project portfolio clarity and strengthen product line management through superior phase-gate accuracy.

Employee Training Records Management Solution: Xavor Corporation

Learn about the benefits of Xavor’s Employee Training Records Management Solution.

How To Become UDI Compliant With Xavor’s Guided Data Entry

With recent FDA compliance requirements for the unique device identification system (UDI), Xavor’s Guided Data Entry Solution will allow you to quickly add data with minimal errors and training.

Xavor PowerTools-Quality Execution System (XQES)

Managing the quality of your innovative products quickly and efficiently is crucial to keeping ahead of the competition and growing your business. Gain the benefits of world class quality management in less time than you thought possible.
XQES is the ability to take enterprise quality functions (Corrective Action, Audit, SCAR, etc.) and turn them into projects and task execution assignments, enabling you to perform more efficiently and collaboratively. XQES provides consistency, visibility, and ease of use across the enterprise.
In this webinar, you will learn how the Agile Solution can:

  • Manage all quality related data and processes in an automated and comprehensive solution
  • Manage the schedules, tasks, deliverables, and resources required to complete quality projects
  • Provide real time performance measurement through configurable dashboards and analytic

Electronic Training Records Management

Would you like to have your training records tied to your BOM in Agile PLM v9.3.x? Would it help to know who is trained for which product you manufacture without the need to leave Agile PLM to find out? Please join us for this session and we can show you how we do it with Xavor’s integrated ETR product.

IP Management

Managing ASIC product data during design is becoming more challenging due to increased complexity associated with global design and fab-less methodology. Semiconductor companies want the ability to effectively use their IP assets to accelerate their innovation in design, while also minimizing the risk of IP misuse and reducing time to finalize IPs for a project. Join this webinar and learn more about the key considerations in understanding how to optimize the IP data management process and the tools available to create a centralized, structured IP repository that is secure and reliable.

Conflict Minerals

In recent years, there has been an increasing international focus on “Conflict Minerals” emanating from mining operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries. Armed groups engaged in mining operations in this region are believed to subject workers and indigenous people to serious human rights abuses and are using proceeds from the sale of conflict minerals to finance regional conflicts.

We will show you why your company should be tracking Conflict Minerals in this webinar.

Getting Started with Agile

New to Agile? Let our “Getting Started With Agile PLM” webinar help you. Hassan Sheikh, Xavor’s Managing Consultant, will outline the basics of an effective implementation as performed for a company in the high-tech industry. He will also take you through the thought process to better understand what it takes to prepare the environment, ready the data.

Product Spotlight: Using Assist+ for Agile PLM

Agile users are often overwhelmed by new functionality and updates to data fields, while experienced users sometimes risk going down the wrong path during data entry and updates. This webinar will provide your solution, Assist+.

Creating Business Value with PLM, ERP and CRM Integration

As enterprise systems try to absorb more and more functionality, there are many overlapping areas. It can get confusing to determine which system should be the golden source of various types of product data. During this webinar session, gain insight on some of the best practices for data management and integration systems.

Managing NPI Through Agile PPM for High Tech Companies

Managing New Product Introduction (NPI) with product record impacts is a primary use case for Agile PPM. Learn about the best practices, resource and cost management, expected outcomes from your PPM investment, insights into the NPI Process, common reasons for poor investment returns and creating visibility for product data in PPM and PC.

Data Migration and Integration into Agile PLM: Best Practices for M&A

Growth and globalization are fueling the increase in mergers and acquisitions in the high-tech industry. With M&A comes the need to consolidate Product Lifecycle Management systems, or data from disparate systems, into one common PLM source. Discover how to help plan and execute the data migration strategies to successfully manage this effort as well as learn what to avoid.

Managing Bill of Materials in Agile PLM

Mistakes can cost thousands of dollars. This webinar will share some of the approaches taken to increase efficiencies in BOM Management. Find out how to improve adoption and usage by simplifying the BOM creation process, how to increase BOM data accuracy and how to develop a consistent process for BOM creation.

Process Extensions For Agile: Make It Work The Way You Do

Process Extensions gives Agile custom behavior and user interfaces tied to Agile events and user actions. During this webinar you will learn the benefits of Process Extensions, common use-cases for implementation and usage, how to configure a process extension as well as view demonstrations of process extensions in action.