March 2017

Explore Oracle Product Development Cloud for Life Sciences

Implement a modern quality and regulatory compliance solution in weeks using Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud for Life Sciences.

As a PLM solution designed for the cloud, Oracle Product Development Cloud helps life science organizations get a complete document control and quality system up and running in weeks.

The solution allows users to manage and coordinate product development data, quality documents and processes for regulatory compliance with reduced time to market, all with a simple GUI, Search Engine, Reporting and Intuitive Dashboards which your users will love.

Join Tom Nelson, an industry veteran who has helped 114 companies implement document control and quality solutions, to learn how Oracle’s cloud-based solution can help life science companies achieve the following in weeks:

  • Full QMS including ISO based Quality Manual, SOPs, and Forms
  • Life Science Configuration with Item type and Document type configurations (types & attributes)
  • OQ & PQ documents to aid in Validations
  • Training (Super User, Admin, End User)
  • Integrations with on-prem applications

 …..and more!

Discover how both Oracle Product Development Cloud and Xavor can increase productivity with minimal impact on users and decreased cost across the enterprise. 

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April 2017

Advanced Tools for Agile PLM Webinar

Xavor Corporation provides pre-built Agile PLM solutions and process extensions to minimize user overhead, maximize user experience during Item creation & maintenance while allowing users to concentrate on the jobs they were hired to do rather than struggling with tools.

To innovate and develop cutting edge products, numerous documents are generated throughout the Product Value Chain.

Join Tom Nelson, Xavor’s Principal, Product Management and Innovation who will talk about the benefits and show you just how some of our Advanced Tools for Agile PLM work:

Automation Engine – practically removes the need for Groovy Scripting
BOM Configurator – defines rules for Variant Management and creates Variants using these rules
Cost Modeling Tool (CMT) – integrates with your organization’s PLM, PCM, ERP and MRP solution(s) to consolidate data across all BOMs where the part under review is used
UI Wizard – guides users through a set of relevant, context specific questions while validating and automating the creation and maintenance of product records
xEngine– Agile PLM to Any System Integration – provides out-of-the-box adapters to connect Agile PLM with ERP’s such as EBS, SAP QAD or any other system
xReport – Reporting on Agile PLM Data – generates considerable complex reports without writing any code
…… and more!

Discover how all of these solutions allow companies to get serious results from Agile PLM. 

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