Xavor Launches Business Continuity Toolkit to Combat Workflow Disruption

Irvine, CA, April 16, 2020 – Xavor Corporation, a California based software company, has launched its Digital Workplace Toolkit to combat disruption due to COVID-19. The toolkit will ensure business continuity for organizations while enabling effective remote work during the pandemic.

The digital workplace solution allows enterprises to have a strong virtual collaboration enhancing communication among the organization. Powered by a model that prompts automated workflows, the solution increases the bandwidth of your workforce by outsourcing to our experts.

Due to COVID-19, workplaces around the globe have been disrupted with employees working from home. Several technological issues can cause discontinued communication among colleagues This has resulted in several operational issues including interruptions in organizational communication and an interrupted team structure. Technological interruptions can have a direct impact on workforce productivity resulting in unfinished goals and disruption of operational processes.

To mitigate these problems, Xavor recognizes the need to provide a digital workplace for enterprises to ensure streamlined and uninterrupted daily operations. The solution integrates the requirements of individual users, enterprises, and communities to deliver a one-stop solution. Xavor’s business continuity toolkit allows clients to have an interrupted digital workplace to enable swift enterprise collaboration. Along with this, the toolkit comprises of cost optimization and risk mitigation to ensure a productive and efficient workflow for enterprises.

Xavor has been working with global partners to extend its support in some of the most affected areas in Europe as well. Ntegra is Xavor’s partner in Europe. “At Ntegra we specialize in the deployment of digital workplace solutions and have been seeing how important these solutions are to allow business continuity and communication for our clients over the last few weeks,” said Ntegra Client Account Director, Ben Gosset. “We are proud to extend our partnership with Xavor to accelerate our delivery of these urgently needed services.”

Xavor’s digital workplace solution provides services like migration, integration, maintenance, service management and much more to ensure seamless operations. The main focus of the business continuity toolkit is to prepare companies for innovation in the world during and after COVID. The CEO of Xavor, Dr. Humayun Rashid, said, “During these unprecedented times, it becomes essential for enterprises to run their businesses smoothly without interruptions and Xavor is proud to facilitate that. Our goal is to bring productivity and visibility to enterprises ensuring a seamless transition.”

Going forward, Xavor is focused on providing more viable solutions to its clients with a specific focus on implementing more robust collaboration tools with enhanced security through key access management. Xavor is also focused on helping companies looking to establish or continue their businesses in a post-COVID world.

About Xavor

Xavor is a California-based IT services provider with deep expertise in delivering custom software solutions through mature and emerging tech stacks. Find out more about Xavor and its services at

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