Cloud Applications For Enterprises

There is great hype and fanfare around Cloud based technologies these days. It is often claimed to have the potential to dramatically improve how business is done (by both SMBs and Enterprises). Let’s quickly cut through the ‘marketing fluff’ and get to the bottom-line of how Cloud based technology can help make your organization more efficient and reduce costs.


An Overview Of xEngine

While working on different customer projects within the High-Tech and Medical Device industries at Xavor, I’ve noticed that we’ve always been faced with the need for an integration solution that would allow different applications to talk to Oracle Agile PLM in a very highly configurable and cost effective way.

NPI Projects

Improving NPI Projects For The Consumer Electronics Accessories Market

The accessories market for consumer electronics is very fast paced due to the continuous release of new gadgets and devices, especially smart phones and tablets. With each new release of a smart phone, matching accessories are also released such as chargers, protective cases and cables.


Process Re-Design – A Necessity

Like ripping off an old band aid – pain needs to be sharp and short. Your business processes need change as your organization progresses through its growth phases. The best time to do a re-design is during an enterprise application system implementation when circumstances are the right time for everyone to accept the changes.

IA: How Do Structure And Search Make An Effective Design Together?

Designing Information Architecture (IA) for your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution is especially challenging when content needs to be created and consumed in several different ways.


Characteristics Of A Valuable CRM System

A CRM system with a one-size-fits-all approach seldom contains significant business worth. Before continuing with a CRM system, enterprise organizations should carefully outline their approach to CRM by assessing the technologies involved.

UI Wizard For Agile PLM

It’s never easy for our customers to take the customization route, considering the fact that it requires core developers and maintenance to do so. Discovering these customer challenges has motivated us to develop a solution which allows you to simplify the customization process.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

How Social Networking and Collaboration Technologies Can Help According to Gallup’s “State of the Global Workplace” 2013 survey, only 13 % of employees are actively engaged in their workplace. This figure must be troubling for any business leader.

Estimating Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers the capability to attain an excessive number of user-requested features and functionalities through its easy-to-use configuration tools.


Supplier Collaboration Using PC And PPM

One of the key advantages that fast moving companies get from Agile PLM is product record collaboration both with internal teams and external suppliers and contractors.