ECO Dashboard Use Case

In this blog, I’ll share an experience where I was involved in a PLM Improvement initiative for a large discrete manufacturing company. The existing Oracle Agile PLM implementation had mixed results with regards to adoption, process improvement and data accessibility. While the implementation was successful from a technical perspective, there have been some business process, data integrity and usability issues that have prevented them from getting optimal results.

Key Elements of The Digital Workplace

Digital technologies, changing workforce, social computing and new business models enable us to reimagine the way we work. This offers immense opportunities for businesses to transform their traditional workplace into a “Digital Workplace” which represents the convergence of multiple forces into a platforms and offers the next wave of digital services to business users. Organizations who are embracing these digital workplace ideas see the benefits with improved customer experience, enhanced operational efficiency and above all – increased workforce engagement.

Best Design Practices for the Enterprise Mobile User Experience

Whether on an app screen, a web browser, or a wearable watch face, design is one of the most important drivers of customer engagement. From Flat design to Material design, we’ll analyze what trends have evolved and share a few insights with you: What are these trends? Why they are beneficial to the user? We will also talk about they are created.

Assist+ for Oracle Agile PLM

I travel to customer sites and I cannot imagine driving without a GPS device or an application like Google Maps in a new city. Taking the right turns in cities like Boston seems like a daunting task without the friendly voice of GPS guidance. The burden of navigation is lifted and allows you time to think more about meeting the destination. Assist+ is such a navigation device for Oracle Agile PLM.

Why You Should Use Excel Integration for Agile PLM

Microsoft Excel is the industry standard for spreadsheets. It’s wide range of functionality, user friendliness and customizability make it the “go to” tool for data authoring and visualization. Agile PLM, on the other hand, is a comprehensive PLM Application with rich concepts and requires training to get familiarized. The biggest challenge that Agile users face is carrying out mass operations like updates and creating objects. It is only natural to marry Agile PLM with Microsoft Excel so that business flows can be executed in Agile using the household environment of Excel.

Xavor at Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience

It was great to be back at Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience (MSCE) again this year as an Agile PLM Gold Sponsor at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA. The event took place from February 13th – 15th 2017. For those of you who we met with, it was great seeing you! If you weren’t able to make it this year, we’ve included a quick recap of what Xavor offered and what we have in store:

What To Expect from Xavor in 2017

Xavor’s efforts over the past year to transform its delivery and investments in production innovation around Oracle PLM, both on premises and cloud, will lead to some very exciting launches and announcements this year. Some of the highlights are listed below:

Advantages of Product Cost Management

During the last year and a half, Xavor has implemented Oracle’s Product Cost Management (PCM) for several different enterprise companies. According to Oracle, I’ve been told that throughout my career I’m actually leading the record for the most PCM implementations completed worldwide.

Automation Engine – Frequently Asked Questions

If you missed last month’s Agile PLM featured webinar on our Automation Engine, read on regarding some frequently asked questions from our attendees and relevant answers provided by Xavor’s Tom Nelson, Principal Product Management and Innovation regarding this robust solution.

6 Things You Need To Know About xEngine

Xavor’s xEngine is a robust application integration solution which provides a basic infrastructure to connect your Agile PLM, Oracle E-Business Suite, Dynamics AX or CRM with other systems.