Digital Platforms and Design of Innovative Business Ecosystems

During the opening remarks, Dr. Hugh Rashid, Co-Chair of the T&I committee, highlighted the importance of bringing more depth (both in terms of technology as well as human experiences in the digitally connected world) to the topic of innovation by combining practitioner-scholar speaker presentations with engaged panel discussions and audience participation.


Automation Engine – Frequently Asked Questions

If you missed last month’s Agile PLM featured webinar on our Automation Engine, read on regarding some frequently asked questions from our attendees and relevant answers provided by Xavor’s Tom Nelson, Principal Product Management and Innovation regarding this robust solution.


6 Things You Need To Know About xEngine

Xavor’s xEngine is a robust application integration solution which provides a basic infrastructure to connect your Agile PLM, Oracle E-Business Suite, Dynamics AX or CRM with other systems.


Open World 2016 Recap

As myself and our Managing Partner Hassan Ramay attended Oracle Open World last week, we both agreed that their slogan was completely accurate as the “ultimate cloud experience.”


Xavor’s UDI Solution

Xavor has designed a flexible UDI solution using Agile PLM that helps to minimize data management challenges while implementing UDI regulation. The solution consists of three major components: UDI Wizard: It is a web application which captures UDI data from the business users.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation Platforms

The fast product cycle and increasing product complexity is making it difficult for even large companies to solely rely on internal resource for product innovation. This trend was first promoted as “Open Innovation” by Henry Chesbrough and over the last decade has been successfully implemented by companies such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson and others for their open innovation platform initiatives.

Integrating Agile PLM

Integrating Employee Training With Agile PLM

In highly regulated industries such as the medical device industry, employee training has paramount significance. Training employees is important for two reasons: Regulatory Compliance FDA requires medical device companies to capture all training for employees.

Oracle's Innovation

Oracle’s Innovation Management Cloud

Product Lifecycle Portfolio Management as part of Oracle’s Innovation Management Cloud I’ve been working with customers on the product value chain for quite a while. I keep hearing the same comments wherever I go which are independent of the market and industry.


Reasons For Upgrading To Agile PLM 9.3.5

Let’s start with the most obvious question: Why would you go through the headache of an upgrade to a newer version when you already have everything running smoothly?

Groovy Script

Groovy Script

Eclipse is one the most commonly used IDE (Integrated Development Environment) by Java developers worldwide. Using an IDE greatly improves development effort. Some of major benefits of using an IDE include: Code Completion Syntax Checking Refactoring Highlighting Integration with source control Eclipse does not natively support Groovy but there are plugins available that can be used for this purpose.