Supplier Portal

In order to collaborate with suppliers, your organization needs to give access from outside the corporate firewall so they can obtain or update information.

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Supplier Portal

The Challenge

In order to collaborate with suppliers, your organization needs to give access from outside the corporate firewall so they can obtain or update information.

Issues include:

  • Delays in production due to contract manufacturers requiring  access to drawing specifications and/or proposals to bid against
  • Unorganized/inaccurate supplier collaboration for quotes/process sign-offs

Root Causes

Fast moving companies need product record collaboration both with internal teams and external suppliers and contractors.  In order to get products in the customer’s hands as early as possible, you must perform fast track product development while maintaining strategic partnerships with contractors to outsource rapid design and development of prototypes. Outside suppliers need to both access and selectively update documents such as specifications, designs, policies and procedures in the company product documentation system.


Xavor’s web-based Supplier Portal service offerings allow suppliers to log into your product document system and access information assigned to them in order to take action.  The application administrator of the system can choose the type of portal restriction for the supplier user by selecting the level of restrictiveness in the supplier login user preferences.  The settings could be minimalist with very restricted access to the information.  If more access is needed, other less restrictive modes could display more freedom to search and update based on privilege allowances.

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  • Reduce supplier collaboration cycle time
  • Lessen product development time
  • Increase accuracy of information exchanges with suppliers which decreases scrap and re-work

Xavor offers the following Supplier Portal solutions:


Microsoft SharePoint is used to provide an externally facing portal for access to documents and functionality.  SharePoint can be created into a richly customized and branded user interface allowing document access, requests, collaboration on document updates, chat and custom WebParts to allow a specific experience to the user logged in.

Agile PLM

Using Oracle Agile PLM allows another level of supplier collaboration that directly impacts product information.  Supplier users can log into one of several levels of portal restrictiveness and collaborate on product records in the system. Engineering change orders may be routed to a supplier for review on a workflow status.  An example would be for the supplier to log in to review and accept a schematic to build against.  The supplier gets notified via email with a link into Agile.  The supplier user would acknowledge and upload a drawing or a quote for the specifications.  If there are issues with the drawing, the engineer can redline the drawing and push it back to the supplier status.  Now, both can collaborate and leave a trace of timestamps on the back and forth that can be easily tracked by Analytics for supplier response performance.

One could also use tasks in the Oracle Agile PPM module and assign supplier users as resources on the tasks.  The notification will go out and the supplier will see tasks waiting in My Assignments.  The tracking will be through start to finish for the tasks.  Requirements can be found in the Content tab of the task and response drawing will be uploaded against another document on the content of the task.  Discussions can be used in PPM to exchange information and collaborate.


Suppliers and contractors are an essential component to a high-tech enterprise using sub-cons for manufacturing and supplying components and assemblies.  The velocity of requests and responses during collaboration to get from specifications, development, corrections, quality and delivery in a key multiplies of end finished good cycle time.  This makes it essential for suppliers and contractors to get to know your portal systems and use them effectively in order to increase value of their deliverables and your products. Supplier access used to be a sticking point with Corporate IT, but now it’s a solved issue with most corporate infrastructure allowing secure access to the enterprise system via VPN, or proxies in the DMZ.