IP Management

In today’s competitive semiconductor environment, companies must focus simultaneously on innovation and operational efficiency.

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IP Management

The Challenge

In today’s competitive semiconductor environment, companies must focus simultaneously on innovation and operational efficiency.

Obstacles include:

  • Lack of central search ability and collaboration where effort is wasted with re-design and re-work
  • IP is unrelated to product BOM where it is fragmented across business units
  • Issues tracked against the product and not at IP level leading to shared IP without the benefits of early issue detection
  • Inconsistent management processes (IP request, change management, usage)
  • Untracked usage across the enterprise by unauthorized access and low visibility to usage and access trends

Root Causes

Intellectual Property (IP), the main engine for profit and industry growth must be accessed throughout the value chain. Product data and IP data are stored in separate unrelated system which disallows sharing, re-use and quality of benefits. There may be a large presence in areas of the globe that do not share the same legal protection as the United States and other industrialized nations. Critical to the ongoing success of semiconductor companies, a unified product data repository and document visualization solution provides access to accurate engineering information and product designs without putting valuable IP at risk. Security is a key concern with protecting IP assets.


IP Management should not be relegated just to your legal team. Your entire organization from design engineering, procurement and product configuration, needs to be involved. Xavor’s Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) solutions are intentionally cross-functional and effective for managing IP. PLM, as a single source of truth for IP, enables employees to visualize and provide feedback regarding chip and wafer design documents, based on access privilege. The result is improved user productivity and accelerated time to market in an industry that doesn’t wait.

With dynamic security, you can now define controls such as user domain, roles, and IP maturity. You will also be able to control privileges such as viewing and obtaining files as well as modifying information. Also with Agile security you will be able to control visibility access with regards to information object, fields, documents and virtual firewalls.

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  • Direct material and engineering cost savings
  • Improved quality, performance and environmental compliance of products
  • Enhanced internal collaboration, making it possible to allocate resources from different countries to work on the same project
  • A single, integrated view of product and portfolio data that ensures more consistent product data management processes, worldwide
  • Enhanced internal collaboration between engineers and technicians, who are spread across various facilities around the world, which ensures constant innovation and faster time to market for the company’s products


IP protection is essential to the survival of your semiconductor company. As the complexity of process, equipment and materials technologies increases, semiconductor companies have more at stake with respect to their IP. Furthermore, IP must be readily available across the organization so that it can be leveraged in new designs and collaboration. By enhancing cross-functional and departmental collaboration earlier in the product life cycle, your company can improve innovation and productivity, reduce errors, and accelerate time to market to achieve higher profitability. IP Management is a single source of truth for all semiconductor product development, procurement, and design information, which reduces technology, costs and improves operational efficiency.