Employee Training Record

An employee training record represents the existence of completed and/or scheduled employee trainings and mastered skills, regardless of the training medium.

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Employee Training Record

The Challenge

Your company must manage training documents for employee history and growth as well as regulatory requirements. The information may be spread across multiple tools and managed by more than one person.

Obstacles include:

  • Spending a lot of time and effort pulling records and keeping track of training requirements manually
  • Existing training processes may not be tied with all of your company’s important documentation around training requirements
  • It’s challenging to get new employees up-to-speed and understand the training gaps due to manual record-keeping
  • Problems reviewing  your organization’s overall progress on training completion as well as acknowledging the updated changes to policies/procedures

Root Causes

Employees don’t always know what training they’re supposed to be getting and when. Management doesn’t have a good way of tracking who’s received the required training, who’s scheduled for upcoming training events and who’s missed the required training. And finally, in the event of an issue or audit, how do you determine who is qualified to be working on a particular product 12 months ago vs. who was actually performing the tasks?


An employee training record represents the existence of completed and/or scheduled employee trainings and mastered skills, regardless of the training medium. Training records provide documentation for regulatory agencies, data for employee evaluations/appraisals and may help in selecting personnel for tasks assignments by matching acquired competencies with required skills. The Employee Training Records (ETR) solution offered by Xavor is a set of automations and reports that allow for tracking training records and plans for all employees in the organization. Human Resources or Managers define a Role hierarchy that includes the Documents, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Work Instructions (WI) that anyone assigned that role must be trained to. Training is then scheduled, the employee is notified and signoffs are captured as training is completed.

Contact Xavor to start receiving the following benefits for your organization:

  • Allow new employees  to up to speed faster with automatic training notifications & reminders
  • Reduction of errors as employees are trained to the most recent revisions
  • Highlightsregulatory compliance in one system versus several
  • Simplifies the audit process with the reduction of errors
  • Increase efficiency with employee training records attached to the Product, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or item you are training to in Agile PLM
  • Capability of viewing the organization’s overall progress on training completion


Ensuring that all of your employee training records are complete and accurate will not only save time but will save confusion for your employees as well. They will no longer have to question what training they need to complete and when with the notification features that the Employee Training Records Solution provides  In addition, your regulatory requirements will be met with preciseness, lowering your risk for audit errors.